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    My goal is to increase your efficiency through various programming languages in order to save you time and energy in the workplace. Drawing on my experience designing web scrapers and data parsing in java, python, and VBA, I have created multiple timesaving ways to collect and organize data. I have utilized Amazon Web Services to train machine learning classifiers for use in automated data analysis.

    Allow me to create a customized web space for you to assist with your workplace needs. If you need a web design that is easy to read and explore, my knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will create for you an interactive, innovative, and user-friendly website.

    I am currently seeking freelance web design, web scraping, as well as data analysis opportunities. If interested in working with me, please email tpatch@taylorpatch.com.


     As a graduate of Boston College, majoring in biochemistry, I completed my Honors thesis in the Paw Lab at Brigham and Women's Hospital, where I continued on to work as Lab Manager of the Shah Lab. I then transferred to the biotech field and am currently working at bluebird bio.

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  —   tpatch@taylorpatch.com